Introduction: Building Trust in Cyberspace by Catherine Lotrionte and Tim Maurer

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Catherine Lotrionete is the Director of the Institute for Law, Science, & Global Security and the CyberProject. She is also an Assistant Visiting Professor of Government at Georgetown University.

Tim Maurer is a research associate in the Technology and Public Policy Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a non- resident fellow at the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin.

"In cyber it seemslikely that maintaining trust with- out a consensus among states about what constitutes acceptable behavior may prove extraordinarily difficult...""As the number of Internet users rapidly increases, bringing together diverse cultures and value systems, so too will the challenges to building trust in cyberspace.

In 2007 Georgetown University established the CyberPro- ject under the auspices of the Institute for Law, Science & Global Security. The CyberProject seeks to hone the Institute’s resources to help policymakers develop a greater understanding of current international cybersecurity issues. On 10 April 2012, the Institute held its second annu- al international cyber conference entitled, “International Engagement on Cyber: Establishing International Norms & Improved Cyber Security.” Under the direction of the CyberProject and the Institute, we have devoted this second annual special issue of the Georgetown Journal of Interna- tional Affairs to cyber exclusively, and the challenges that societies face as they seek to establish norms of behavior so all may coexist peacefully in this domain. In the pages that fol- low, participants from the Institute’s second international cyber conference and other leaders, domestic and foreign, lay out their visions for protecting cyberspace and maintain- ing its stability. (purchase article...)