2011-11-14-11.57.36-pmEditors' Note: The Journal enters its fifth year with a great deal of pride, as we continue to bring our readers articles addressing noteworthy international issues overlooked elsewhere. In finest Journal tradition, this Forum examines how energy transportation contributes to, and detracts from, regional security, economic development, and good governance. These issues make the occasional headlines in public discussions of Iraq, the Caspian, and South Asia, but few have considered these issues in depth, and through multiple lenses.

Our five forum authors do precisely that. David Goldwyn's introduction argues that extracting transparency is the key to unlocking the political and economic benefits of the energy industry-- but it won't be easy, and the G8 must take the lead. Fiona Hill warns against overly optimistic assessments of what pipelines can deliver in the Caspian region. Toufiq Saddiqi analyzes the complexity of pipeline projects in South Asia, and makes the case for a new regional approach. Aude Delescluse contends that, if the World Bank and others step up to the job, the widely-watched Chad-Cameroon pipeline could be a model for the future. Edward Chow argues that the path Russia takes in developing its pipelines will reflect its broader economic and political choices for the future.

We hope that the Journal will not only answer many important questions you have on international affairs, but also stir up your interest in other crucial issues. This is how we measure our success.

– Emile El-Hokayem & Aaron Wessells


  • Pipe Dreams? Introduction by the Editors | 

Oil and natural gas pipelines throughout the world have the potential to be more lucrative, and problematic, than ever before. From bargaining chips to economic lifelines, pipelines are more than mere infrastructure: they represent the panacean hopes of many policymakers, multinational corporations, and much of the world's poor. Nevertheless, the future of pipeline development is anything but certain: global and local concerns, interests, and instabilities complicate both the construction of this infrastructure and the realization of its potential.

  • Extracting Transparency by David L. Goldwyn | Read  
  • Pipelines in the Caspian: Catalyst or Cure-all? by Fiona Hill Read  
  • Russian Pipelines: Back to the Future? by Edward C. Chow |Read  
  • India and Pakistan: Pipe Dream or Pipeline of Peace? by Toufiq A. Siddiqi | Read  
  • Chad-Cameroon: A Model Pipeline? by Aude Delescluse| Read  

Business & Finance

  • Going Global: The Future of Kuwaiti Oil Interview with Nawaf S. Al-Sabah | Read  

An inside look at the plans of a key growing energy provider. 

  • Facing Reality After Cancun: Continued Gridlock or Global Prosperity by Robert Picciotto | Read  

Prescriptions for future trade negotiations from a World Bank leader. 

Conflict & Security

The EU faces many obstacles as it moves towards a unified foreign and security policy. 

Culture & Society

  • Jaded Optimists: The Young Guns of Foreign Policy by John Hallet Norris | Read  

Move over Kennan and Bundy, a new generation of foreign policy experts is emerging. 

Law & Ethics

  • The Role of International Experts in Constitution-Making: Myth and Reality by Louis Aucoin | Read  

Myths surrounding the constitution-making advice business are far off the mark. 

Islamic legal scholars must reconcile Islamic law with modern governance. 

Politics & Diplomacy

International pressure could solve Zimbabwe's crisis. 

  • War of Ideas: Combating Militant Islamist Ideology by Ariel Cohen | Read  

Fighting terrorism by winning the hearts and minds of Muslims. 

Science & Technology

  • Emerging Carbon Markets and the Future of Climate Policy by Nathan E. Hultman | Read  

Emerging global carbon markets may facilitate acceptance of greenhouse gas regulation. 


Review of McMahon and Sinclair's Democratic Institution Performance; Research and Policy Perspectives.

View from the Ground

  • Hope in a Land of Uncertainty: The Untold Story in Iraq  by Sloan Mann | Read  

An honest insight into the hearts and minds of Iraqis.

A Look Back

EU-Mediterranean cooperation could help solve global security problems. 


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