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From today's headlines, one might easily gather the impression that Iraq's reconstruction, the roadmap for Middle East peace, the SARS epidemic, and the disarmament of North Korea are the only important issues in international affairs today. Indeed, these are salient issues–yet their coverage often obscures other significant and fundamental developments. Fear not; the issue in your hands continues our tradition of uncovering long term trends and highlighting overlooked, yet significant topics.

International affairs journalism has permanently moved to the front of the bookstore, away from narrow back aisles of special sections. We welcome this tend, but we also recognize the need for a magnifying lens to study the details and a flashlight to illuminates the places a spotlight just won't cover. We hope you agree that the Journal accomplishes just that.

– Robert Magyar & Pradeep Ramamurthy

Forum: Baby Boom or Baby Bust?

Population and international affairs today encompasses far more than ever before. States now face challenges ranging from aging, pollution, and population decline to younging, HIV/AIDS, and population growth. These seemingly "soft" issues are increasingly tied to "hard" security and balance of power concerns, as HIV/AIDS threatens to destabilize certain African states. Russia's military has difficulty maintaining itself, and Japan's demographic difficulties lead to East Asian power shifts.

  • A Corrosive, Not Explosive, Threat: HIV/AIDS, Demographic Change, and Stability in Sub-Saharan Africa by David Gordon |  Read  
  • Too Few Good Men: The Security Implication of Russian Demographics by Julie DeVanzoOlga Oliker, and Clifford Grammich | Read  
  • Population, Society, and Power: East Asia's Future by K.S. Seetharam | Read  

Business & Finance

A brief look at Latin America's trade agenda and the link between trade and cooperation.

Conflict & Security

  • The Fals Dawn of Russian Military Reform by David J. Betz and Valeriy G. Volkov | Read  

Despite promised reform, the Russian military is struggling under Putin.

  • Less is More: The Future of U.S.-Arab Military Relations by Michael Donovan | Read  

When it comes to the size of U.S. military forces in the Middle East, less is more.

Culture & Society

  • Poland's Uncertain Future: Politicized Religion and European Integration by Piotr H. Kosicki | Read  

The Pope may have a key role to play in forging unity in Poland.

The travails of France's burgeoning Muslim community.

Law & Ethics

Much has been accomplished in Afghanistan, but there are many challenges ahead.

  • The Militarization of Youth in Violently Divided Societies by Marie Smyth | Read  

Peace processes that excluded militarized youth may fail.

Politics & Diplomacy

The renowned strategist discusses everything from the future of the UN and the American primacy to the politics of coalition building and democratization.

Totalitarianism, not Islam, is the enemy of democracy in Iran.

Science & Technology

  • Special: Roundtable on Technology and International Relations | 

A panel of technology and international affairs experts weigh-in on a cluster of advanced communications and information gathering technologies, and discuss their impact on the international system.

  • New Tools and New Challenges by Charles Weiss | Read  
  • Diplomacy in the New Information Environment by Steven Livingston | Read  
  • Live Out of the Box: The Evolution of Satellite Newsgathering Technologies by Jonathan Higgins | Read  
  • Toward a Mobile Information Society: Evolution and Globalization of Wireless Technology by Dan Steinbock | Read  
  • Commercial Observation Satellites: Dual-Use Technology in an Age of Global Transparency by John Baker, Kevin O'Connell, and John Robertson | Read  
  • War and Peace in an Age of Transparency by Kristin Lord | Read  


  • The Odd Couple | Read  

Christopher Hill reviews Kagan's Of Paradise and Power and Kupchan's The End of the American Era.

View from the Ground

  • Between Representation and Reality: A Moroccan Perspective on the Latest Gulf War by Tara Marie Dankel | Read  

Between supposed "good" and "bad" Arabs are real Arabs with real concerns about the U.S. role in the Middle East.

A Look Back

AIG's CEO recounts thirty years of opening markets around the world.

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