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2019-2020 Academic Year Staff

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2018-2019 Academic Year Staff

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Camilla He

Emily Dougherty

Aaron Baum

Becky Twaalfhoven

Freddy Ludtke

Helen Lunsmann

Emilie Kathol-Voillequé 

Cristine Pedersen

Dane Alivarius

Crosbie Marine

John Miller

Aaron Baum

Benjamin Weinberg – Business and Economics

Joe Michaels – Business and Economics

Freddy Ludtke – Conflict and Security

Elliot Silverberg – Conflict and Security

Becky Twaalfhoven – Dialogues

Abigail Adams – Dialogues

Hanna Dohmen – Society and Culture

Molly Highman – Society and Culture

Sabrina Sui – Science and Technology

Joseph Bebel – Science and Technology

Laila Lapins – Global Governance

Sophia Meulenberg – Global Governance

Abigail Ulman – Human Rights and Development

Tina Yin – Human Rights and Development

Madison Stern – Book Review

Bobby Vogel – Book Review

Forum – Jacqueline Moshiri

Business and Economics – Alexa Huether, Victoria Liu, Jonathan Seng

Conflict and Security – Alice Cho, Suzette Kane, Helen Lunsmann, Eli Manaker, Caila McHugh, Myles Nuzzi

Dialogues – Noah Clarke, Lele Maluf, Varsha Menon, Sidd Muchhal, Paulina Song, Cornelius Vandermaas, Ania Zolyniak

Society and Culture – Irene Chun, Aine Crinion, Victoria Lei, Hasini Shyamsundar, Ben Tauber, Natalia Wolny, Tina Yin

Science and Technology – Alex Chen, Hunter Congdon, Sarah Donofrio, Michael Xu, Aminat Yahiya, Helen Zhang

Global Governance – Kevin Kim, Anna McDonald, Megan McGuire, Michael Turk, Cooper Vardy

Human Rights and Development – Rhodia Eid, Max Hamid, Ashanee Kottage, Max Levine, Emma McCaleb, Ally Schwartz

Book Review – Sophie Jacobson, Grace Rademacher, Katie Russell, Brian Xu