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Table of Contents

Editors' Note

A Note on the Centennial of the School of Foreign Service

Joel S. Hellman

Forum: 100 Years Past, 100 Years Forward

Extending the American Century: Revisiting the Social Contract

Jahara Matisek, Travis Robison, and Buddhika Jayamaha

Human Rights: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges

Nicole Bibbins Sedaca and Kerry Kennedy

Overcoming Business as Usual: The Past and Future of Legal Barriers to Women’s Empowerment

Lisa L. Bhansali


Chuck Hagel, Former US Secretary of Defense

Mary Robinson, President of the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice, Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Former President of Ireland

Kenneth Pollack, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute

Jody Olsen, Director of the US Peace Corps

Melanne Verveer, Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security and former US Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues

Conflict & Security

What is Space Security and Why Does it Matter

Kaitlyn Johnson

Four Dates That Have Shaped Today’s Middle East and What They Mean for Policy

Paul Salem

Geopolitics and Salafi-Jihadist Strategy

Ali Soufan

Global Governance

Is Post-1945 Europe an Aberration?

Judy Dempsey

Foreign Electoral Interference: Past, Present, and Future

Vasu Mohan and Alan Wall

Europeanization of the Balkans, or Balkanization of Europe?

Vasko Naumovski

Business & Economics

Economic Sanctions: Past, Present, and Future

Daniel P. Ahn

China’s Fragile Economy: A Story of Declining Productivity and Growing Debt

Paul Armstrong-Taylor

Society and Culture

South Korean Perceptions of Unification: Evidence from an Experimental Survey

Timothy S. Rich

Book Reviews

The Twilight of the Liberal World Order, a Review of Robert Kagan’s Book The Jungle Grows Back

Adam Kline

The Makings of a Leader, a Review of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Book Leadership in Turbulent Times

Madison Stern

Versailles’ Necessary Contemporary Reevaluation, a Review of Alan Sharp’s Book Versailles 1919: A Centennial Perspective

Bobby Vogel

Dignity and the Psychology of Nationalism, a Review of Francis Fukuyama’s Book Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment

Grace Rademacher

Science & Technology

A Century of Influenza: Is the World Prepared for the Next Pandemic?

Michael A. Stoto

Robots and International Economic Development

Robert D. Atkinson

Human Rights & Development

Together or Separately: The Human Face of Displacement Analytics

Laura E. Bailey and Sarah Linh Bailey Kuehne

Repackaged Authoritarian Policies: Kazakhstan’s “New” Version of Media Controls

Peter Gross

Escape from the Gaza Submarine: Toward Ending an Avoidable Tragedy

Donald Macintyre