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Bugs in the Software: Exploiting the Digital Frontier


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Editors' Note

Forum: Bugs in the Software - Exploiting the Digital Frontier

Affordances of Websites for Counter Publicity and International Communication: Case of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

Soumia Bardhan

The Intranet in North Korea: How the Internet Can Reinforce Authoritarian Regimes

Johannes Gerschewski, Alexander Dukalskis

Business & Economics

Trading the Global Future

Dan Steinbock

Country in Focus

Enduring entanglement: The Multi-Sectoral Impact of the Rohingya Crisis on Neighboring Bangladesh

Mayesha Alam


Blockchain Applications to International Affairs: Reasons for Skepticism

Angela Walch

Global Governance

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies: Implications for the Digital Economy, Cybersecurity and Government

Christian Catalini

The Threat of Cyber Terrorism and what International Law Should (Try To) Do About It

Heather A. Harrison Dinniss

Safety & Security

Ensuring U.S. Dominance in Cyberspace in a World of Significant Peer and Near-Peer Competition

Gen. (Ret.) Keith B. Alexander & Jamil N. Jaffer

When Cyber Threats Loom, What Can State and Local Governments Do?

Josephine Wolff, William Lehr

A Rules-Based Order to Keep the Internet Open and Secure

Marietje Schaake

Could the Issue of DPRK Hacking Benefit from Benign Neglect?

Martin Libicki

Why Beidou Could Help Protect GPS

Christian Curriden

Science & Technology

The Rising Drone Threat from Terrorists

Alyssa Sim