Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
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Summer/Fall 2017
Volume 18, No. 2

Tom Hoffecker and Harrison Goohs, Editors


Forum: Corruption

Reform, Rebooted: Building Long-Term Resistance to Corruption
Michael Johnston

Foreign Aid and Corruption: Anti-Corruption Strategies Need Greater Alignment with the Objective of Aid Effectiveness
M.G. Quibria

Engendering Corruption: Gender and the Culture of Exchange in Central Asia
Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes

Oligarchs and Corruption in Putin's Russia: Of Sand Castles and Geopolitical Volunteering
Stanislav Markus

The Moral Dimension of the Fight against Corruption
Augusto Lopez-Claros

Culture & Society

A French Paradox? Islam and Laïcité
John Tolan

Business & Economics

How to Damage an Already Fragile Economy: The Rise of Populism in Greece
Yannis Palaiologos and Theodore Pelagidis

Politics & Diplomacy

All Quiet on the Eastern Front? Populism, Nationalism, and Democracy in East Asia
Edward Vickers

China-Japan-Korea Trilateral Cooperation: Is It for Real? 
Andrew I. Yeo

Law & Ethics

Engendered Discontent: The International Criminal Court in Africa
Francis Ssekandi and Netsanet Tesfay

Conflict & Security Covert Action in the Age of Social Media
Mark Stout

Denounce but Comply: China's Response to the South China Sea Arbitration Ruling
Bill Hayton

Science and Technology

Crispr-Cas9 Is Impossible to Stop
James Kozubek

Innovation Acquisition: A Strategy for Global Scalability of the Health Promotion Agenda
Anne Snowdon, Ryan DeForge, and Phillip Olla


Venezuela's Crisis: Beyond Economic Explanations
An interview with Michael McCarthy


Putin's Court and Its Chronicler, a Review of Mikhail Zygar's Book

All the King's Men: Inside the Court of Vladimir Putin
Stephen Blank